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I am a video storyteller/editor/producer and Etsy small business owner/maker, with twelve years of experience cultivating my crafts and developing my professional skillsets in project and media planning and management in a variety of fields.

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My passion for videography and photography began post-college when I was traveling using my iPhone to take pictures of National Parks and US cities on extensive backpacking trips across the US. In 2015, during my third year of working full-time for the non-profit American Eagle Foundation,  I decided to purchase my own Sony mirrorless camera and ask if I could take over the foundation's videography, photography, and socials/marketing/advertising needs. Through improved digital media efforts and some other projects I had the honor of spearheading (such as the world-famous DC Eagle Cam), the AEF's international exposure and social media following exploded.

Throughout my collegiate and professional career, I've stepped into many creative and technical roles to spearhead and create successful small businesses, video and photography assets, campaigns, events, websites, IT & networking infrastructures, and so much more. I always bring my creative thinking cap, can-do attitude, and ambitious industriousness to every project I choose to tackle. I don't think I will ever stop learning, and that very idea both excites an humbles me. I believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration and how one idea begets another which begets another, and sometimes we can do things better/funnier/more efficiently when we do them together.

Since going out on my own in 2017, I've been intermittently working with clients and creating videos for their various marketing and social media needs. I've also been living my dream of traveling the world and photographing landscapes in dozens of countries for my own personal joy. I hold my FAA Drone Pilot License, which allows me to conduct commercial drone photography and videography commissions legally in the U.S.

I am open to long or short-term project-based freelance opportunities with new clients. 


I am also actively interested in full or part-time remote employment, in which case, a traditional resume can be viewed here:

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