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PROJECT Portfolio

House-Hasson Winter Dealer Market Nashville

House-Hasson Hardware Company distributes over 52,000 products to independent hardware stores across the USA. I was hired to come and capture the essence of one of their Dealer Markets at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN in January 2023. I walked the floors for days with my cameras and ended up creating this overview video! 

Patchwork Nashville

Patchwork Nashville is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by 4 professional chefs who make and donate over 2000 meals a week to those in need all across the Nashville community. They gave me the incredible opportunity to come behind the scenes for a day to catch all the action and produce this video that greets each of their website visitors and helps advance their mission through visual storytelling 

Manana HelperS

Manana is a startup founded by a fellow female entrepreneur that connects senior citizens with local helpers who can provide services ranging from medical care, to companionship, to transportation...all through an app! I had so much fun hanging out with this crew for a day to produce this piece!

"Big on Texas" Video Campaign

Big Country Title is big on Texas history. This is one video from a series of videos showcasing the broader interests, passions, and personalities of the owners of this thriving title company.

Wings of America PreShow

I worked for the American Eagle Foundation for over 10 years, eventually self-starting and running their in-house marketing/advertising/videography department. After going out on my own, I was hired to come back and make this informational and fun safety video which plays before an audience 4 times a day prior to the start of their "Wings of America" birds of prey show at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. This is a video I scripted, produced, and edited.

United Way STREATS Fundraiser 2022

Every year, the United Way in Abilene, TX organizes this undeniably fun and delicious outdoor dining experience to raise money for the local charities it supports. It was such a pleasure to both attend and capture this event on video.

DIY Kitty Cat Hammock

I was commissioned to create a 6 part DIY project series for Big Country Title Company. I thoroughly enjoyed throwing myself in this concept, coming up with these projects, and turning them into fun DIY videos for people to do at home!

The Shed + Perkins Insurance Partnership

Perkins Insurance prides themselves not only on custom tailored insurance policies and quality customer service but also their desire to build real relationships with their clients. In this video, we follow Perkins Insurance president into one of the establishments his company insures. 

DIY Cushioned Footstool

I was commissioned to create a 6 part DIY project series for Big Country Title Company. I thoroughly enjoyed throwing myself in this concept, coming up with these projects, and turning them into fun DIY videos for people to do at home!

Philippine Eagle Foundation Educational Short 2018

During my travels in Southeast Asia, I checked off one of my bucket list dreams by visiting the Philippine Eagle Foundation in Davao City. This species is considered Critically Endangered as there are less than 400 pairs left on earth. During my visit, I got to volunteer my services and create some video and photography content they were in need of.  I had the honor of following the staff around and getting up close and personal with these magnificent creatures! This video is now played for guests who visit the Philippine Eagle Center!

CRRIFS Turtle Release 2021

During my year of living in the Mexican beach town of San Carlos, Sonora, I had the honor of attending this turtle hatchling release conducted by Centro de Rescate, Rehabilitación e Investigación de Fauna Silvestre. This is a video I made independently and offered it to CRRIFS to be used for any purpose it might serve in their conservation efforts.

Meowy Christmask campaign

I am a proud Etsy shop owner that makes bows, pet accessories, and face masks. After a busy year selling masks in 2020, I wanted to give back by donating 1 mask for every mask purchased in my shop during the holiday season. This was a fun video I put together with my cat Charlie to advertise the campaign!

Perkins Insurance Employee Spotlight

In 2022, I had the honor of working with Perkins Insurance Agency in creating over 30 new videos to revamp and supply their social media channels with video content for the year. One series called "Employee Spotlight" allowed each employee to shine on camera by talking about their passions, home life, and their reasons for choosing a career in this industry. The intent behind these videos were to put a face to the name of each employee so clients could better connect with the agents and customer service representative at Perkins.

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